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L’histoire du soir (The Book at Bedtime)

L’histoire du soir (The Book at Bedtime)

  • Illustrator: Peter Utton
  • Publisher: Pastel (L'école des loisirs)

On the eve of his birthday, Robbie is far too excited to settle down and Dad offers to read him a story. Robbie chooses his favourite – Goodnight Dragons – and Dad begins. What makes this a very different storytelling session for us, as readers of the main book – The Book at Bedtime – is that we too can share Goodnight Dragons as Dad reads it – it’s a little book nested inside the big book! And once Robbie has fallen asleep we are then ‘party to’ what happens next! The six little dragons from the little book pop out from its covers, wake Robbie up and celebrate his birthday with him, all before morning. It’s only when the Dragon’s father appears in Robbie’s room that order is restored and he can go back to sleep.

My goodness this was a complicated collaboration for Peter Utton – who illustrated both books – and me, with an awful lot of revisions before we got it to work! But we’re extremely happy with the result, except for one thing: the book hasn’t yet been published in English, only in French and Italian, yet it’s been so well received there. We can only hope!

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