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My Name Is Rose
My Name Is Rose
My Name Is Rose

My Name Is Rose

  • Date Published: 2011
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

‘Grindley’s vivid portrayal of Lydia’s hardships and the bonds that keep her family together offers a thought-provoking experience to older readers who want to open their eyes to a wider world.’  The Observer

Rose’s grief – resulting in selective mutism – is as real as anything. And the descriptions of her life in the Roma community are vivid, accurate and stereotype-defying. You’re rooting for this little girl right from page one. Lovely story. Super writer. Recommended.’  The Book Bag

‘This is a great book for any readers 9 years and older. The themes and characters are rich and complex and lend themselves to much thought-provoking discussion.’  Wright Reading

I picked up a book about the lives of Roma gypsies and found it fascinating, and so this story about Rose came to be. Rose is a young Romani gypsy girl who travels around Romania and Europe in a caravan with her musical family. Her life is happy, until she is orphaned after a dreadful accident. This is the beginning of many changes for Rose as she is forced to adapt to life in another country and with a new, dysfunctional family. The shock of losing her family and being uprooted from her own traditions and life-style cause Rose to lose her power of speech, and for the major part of the book she doesn’t say a word. As an author, it was certainly a challenge to sustain that!

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