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Teddy Tales
Teddy Tales
Teddy Tales

Teddy Tales

  • Illustrator: Peter Utton
  • Date Published: 1993
  • Publisher: Orchard Books

‘The most huggable collection of stories.’  Books for Your Children

‘It is a delicious book to read to kids before going to bed. The stories are three or five pages long, and apart from entertainment there are obvious values that make children think.’  Good Reads

I don’t remember my childhood teds. But my sons had lots of teddies and they won a great big bear once. He was so big, they used to jump up and down on him before hugging him! That’s where the idea for Too Big Bear came from. Then I saw a bear wearing wellies in a shop window and I thought that a bear wearing wellies would like nothing better than to jump in puddles. That’s where the idea for Wellie Bear came from. Other teds appeared little by little and found their way into this collection, including Pocket Bear, The Ragged Bears and Rum Te Tum Ted, and then Peter Utton brought them to life with his fabulous illustrations.

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