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Broken Glass review

  • Date Published: 3rd May 2020

I know Broken Glass was published some time ago – 2008 to be precise – but it still has much relevance today and is still being used by many schools as a class read. I’ve just discovered a great review by Mathew Tobin and wanted to share it here with anyone who might be interested in picking up the book and reading how two siblings manage to survive on the streets in India.

Broken Glass by Sally Grindley

“I would recommend this book to any child or parent who wants to share an understanding of what the world can be like for those, perhaps less fortunate than us. It allows us a glimpse into an India that we know of and that, perhaps, children should begin to know about so that they can appreciate how lucky they are. They can also begin to become involved in issues that must never go unnoticed.”

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