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Knock Knock Who’s There?

  • Date Published: 30th November 2021

Knock Knock Who’s There? may be 36 years old, but it continues to provide inspiration in school settings for any number of spin-off projects. In case you don’t know the book, a series of motley characters knock on the bedroom door of a young girl who is settling down for the night. Each character threatens mischief if allowed to enter, so the girl, always in charge, refuses. It is, of course, daddy playing a game – the clue is in the slippers – until he finally reveals himself. Where the book works so well in a school – and home – setting is that young children can be encouraged to create their own characters and the mischief those characters might threaten, and they can have a lot of fun in the process.

I recently discovered – on Twitter – what early years pupils at Sibford School in Banbury have been getting up to in response to the book and I’m delighted to share their wonderful ideas here. Congratulations to all of them and to the teachers who encouraged such creativity.

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