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National Children’s Day UK

  • Date Published: 20th May 2018

I’ve spent a good part of the last few weeks and months working on a voluntary basis as Project Director for National Children’s Day UK (NCDUK2018). NCDUK is now in its 5th year and is growing annually. The day is a worldwide UNICEF initiative with the stated aim of celebrating the rights and freedoms of childhood. In most countries it takes place in the autumn, but when no government or other organisation had embraced the initiative in the UK, Wendy Ellyatt of the Save Childhood Flourish Movement took it under her wing. She chose May as the perfect time of year for the celebration, because people would be encouraged to go outdoors with their own children and children in their care.

My aim this year was to make it the biggest celebration yet, and we certainly achieved that, with organisations and parents/carers all over the country setting up events for children to tie in with the day. If you’re interested in finding out more, go to, and follow us on Twitter It may all be over for this year, but there’s lots to talk about and we’re already looking ahead to next year.

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