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Signing books for Christmas

  • Date Published: 31st October 2016

I apologise profusely for mentioning Christmas already (I’m all for waiting until the beginning of December), but I spent a happy 3 days at the end of last week signing lots of picture books as Christmas presents at an event in Cheltenham. It’s great to get out and chat with parents and grandparents about my books, the inspiration behind them and the joy of reading with young children. The giant’s eye in Shhh! caused much mirth, as ever, and people were seriously tickled by the anxious piggy faces in Help! Most commented upon was the title The Sulky Vulture, which seemed to cause a lot of amusement. Poor young Boris, he has such a bad day! What a shame, though, that the publisher had run out of stock of Keep Out!, because the few copies I had were pounced upon early on the first day, leaving a sorry space where those bears should have been sowing fear!

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