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Stag Lane Infant and Nursery School

  • Date Published: 24th February 2018

I’m on the road for World Book Day and the week around it. On Thursday I spent a lovely few hours at Stag Lane Infant and Nursery School in Edgware. As well as storytelling with 120 children in Year 1, 120 in Reception and 90 in Year 2, I also ran sessions with two nursery classes with around 15 children in each. My focus was mostly on Shhh!, Keep Out! and Knock Knock Who’s There?, and I gave It’s the Troll! its first outings. It takes a while, even as the author, to work out the best way to tell a story that is interactive, especially when it requires some anticipation of a child’s and indeed a class’s response, which is the case with a number of my books. I love the process of honing the storytelling, just as I love the process of creating the story in the first place.

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