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Tout l’Amour

  • Date Published: 13th November 2023

Tout l’Amour was published in October 2023 in France and Belgium. The English title is Love is So Many Things, but sadly the book isn’t currently available as an English language edition. It’s illustrated by the wonderful French artist, Célia Chauffrey, who also produced some stunning pictures for our previous collaboration, Rien Que Toi, or There’s Only One You. In case you’re wondering why no English edition, I have a big following in France and Belgium, where my book Shhh!, or Chhht !, continues to be a bestseller 32 years after it’s first publication. I therefore occasionally work directly with Pastel, the Franco/Belgian publisher of Shhh! English publishers are then reluctant to produce an English edition because they have had no part in the editorial process, which is fair enough. I would, of course, like to find a way of producing English editions of both books, because then the words will be mine and not a translation. Regardless, here are some inside spreads from the French edition.


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