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World Book Day – the day after

  • Date Published: 4th March 2016

World Book Day was 3rd March, but the celebrations take place on either side for several days. Today I was at Linden Primary in Gloucester, where I told stories and talked about writing to the entire school – some 400+ pupils! – and really did enjoy myself (though I don’t think I’ll ever quite get used to telling stories to The Incredible Hulk and Spider Man!). I hope in the process that I inspired some future authors and at the very least turned many into avid readers. Note to self: must do some repair work on my Knock Knock Who’s There? masks and on my 26 year-old photocopied roughs for Shhh! Another note to self: it’s probably not a good idea to leap off a stage 3 times with a torn cartilage!

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