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World Book Day visit

  • Date Published: 3rd March 2017

I was delighted to be invited to St Clement’s C of E Academy in Birmingham to help them celebrate World Book Day. While waiting in the staff room before morning assembly, I was confronted by a White Rabbit followed by Spider Man. Now that pairing would make a good story! Wally arrived and The Cat in the Hat – brilliant costumes – and then a riot of colour that was Handa. Assembly itself challenged my knowledge of more recent children’s fiction, and I was more than a little surprised to see that Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles are making a comeback!

I’m sure that for some parents a school’s request that children come dressed as their favourite book characters on World Book Day must present something of a challenge, but it’s worth it to see such excitement and to know that many of those children will go home inspired to read more and write more. I hope I was able to inspire the wonderful children at St Clement’s, and I would like to congratulate the teachers there for the time and effort they put in to making the day a memorable one. It really wasn’t just about dressing up: it was about engagement on both an emotional and physical level with the power and the magic of the written word.

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