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World Read Aloud Day

  • Date Published: 16th February 2017

Well I just did, on BBC Radio Gloucestershire! I was asked to go in and talk about reading aloud to children, a pet subject of mine, and I read the opening passage of Why Is the Sky Blue? You just can’t beat reading aloud to children. They love the attention, the interaction, the closeness, the sensory buzz, the joy of it all. I can’t wait to have grandchildren so that I can relive the awesome experience of reading to my own children, which believe me was never a passive affair. When else can you indulge your latent acting talent in a safe environment with an audience that is going to love you not judge you? I go into schools to indulge mine now – not quite such a safe environment! – but if you have children of your own then your audience is ready-made and waiting for you. So what will you read aloud today? Go for it!

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